Radar Sighting & Filming

Radar Sighting & Filming

Date: October 1, 1957

Location: Northeast Cape AFS, AK

I was a radar radar operator at an early warning radar sight.

At about 10:00 p.m. we painted a target about 200 miles West, in Soviet territory.

It was moving eastward at a high rate, about 11,500 mph.

We had no height finding radar, so could only guess at the altitude.

We thought it was a missile.

In accordance with SOP for picking up unidentified targets, we turned on the scope camera.

As the target continued eastbound we lost radar contact, but the next site, at Cape Romanzoff picked it up.

We were later told that the target was carried continuously until it was East of Iceland, and that the total time was about 20 minutes.

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