We Were Children At The Time

We Were Children At The Time

Date: June 15, 1953

Location: North Bend, WA

My cousin & I who were children at the time, watched a round, smooth, silent object which had a pinkish glow, come across his field from the direction of the Snoqualmie River.

It was about 20'to 30' from the ground.

We were standing on his front porch.

It came in our direction and then stopped above a fruit tree directly across the driveway from where we were.

It was about the size of a VW Beetle, perfectly circular, with a triangular projection at the back.

My aunt had locked the front door to prevent us kids from running through the house.

I pounded on the door to get the adults to come out and see this thing.

My cousin said that when I started pounding and yelling, the object took off and streaked up over the mountain in the direction of Rattlesnake Mountain in the direction of Seattle.

Our parents brought us into the house and put us into different rooms and had us draw a picture of what we had seen.

Our pictures matched, and I remember that our parents believed that we had seen something.

The next day, as I remember it, my father told my mother that something was reported in the Seattle paper, streaking across the sky at about the right time for it to have been the thing we saw.

I was 9 years old at the time as was my cousin.

We had both lived in Alaska and had watched airplanes and helicopters landing near our home and knew that this was nothing like conventional aircraft.

It was perfectly silent, if we hadn't been looking we would never have known it was there.

It was completely featureless also.

I remember people asking if there were windows or portholes or doors but we were firm that there were not.

We were very close to this object, no more than 50' at the most.

It excited me and frightened me a little bit.

I thought that it stopped opposite us because it saw us.

I have never heard any other report of an object which looked like the one we saw.

It looked to me as though it had been manufactured, did not look like a natural object, was definitely not gaseous.

Anyone else out there ever see anything like this?

I am not sure of the date.

It is most likely that it was 1953 because I was still living in the Snoqualmie/North Bend area at the time and my family was visiting my cousin's family.

Interestingly and disappointingly, my cousin does not remember the object as looking the way I describe it.

He now believes it was silver and saucer shaped.

It was not, and we agreed at the time on how it looked.

I remember being frustrated at not being able to really draw the way it looked.

I realize now that I couldn't replicate the geometrical precision of the thing.

We were children of the same age, and had no background as such.

We knew nothing about flying saucers except that we must have heard talk about them because I remember explaining that it was not a flying saucer, it was round and had a tail.

My father was an employee of Seattle City Light and my mother did not work outside the home.

I was an only child at the time.

My cousin was one of 4 children.

His father was a logger and his mother was employed but I don't remember at what at that time.

We were semi sophisticated kids in that we had traveled to Alaska by steamship with our families several times and had the experience of living on the fringes of civilization as well as in the Seattle area.

Perhaps because I was an only child, I have an excellent memory and clear early memories.

I realize that this is old information and not at all scientific.

But I don't know anyone else who has seen something like this, so up close and personal.

If I hadn't seen this thing, I would never believe the reports I've read about the objects other people have seen.

I empathize with the skeptics, it's just too fantastic.

But, since I have seen it, I can no longer doubt that there is something more to this world than we now know.

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