Daylight Sighting Seen From 50'

Daylight Sighting Seen From 50'

Date: July 15, 1952

Location: North Bend, WA

I was 7 or 8 years old then.

I was with my cousin of the same age, on the porch of his home near the Snoqualmie River.

We were talking while looking out over the field, when I saw this thing coming toward us.

It was floating/bobbing along, at just about the height of the apple tree in the field, possibly 25' off the ground.

It was a pinkish color, and it glowed.

It was clear, not fuzzy at all, perfectly symmetrical except for a small triangular tail on the back side of it.

It came toward where we were, and I just knew, somehow, that it was going to stop when it got to us.

It did stop.

We were on the porch.

Across the driveway, just out in the field, just above the apple tree, it stopped and held perfectly still.

There was no sound at all.

I looked for features on it and there were none that I could see.

There were no doors, no windows, no sign of how someone would enter such a craft.

We both just stared at it for awhile, talking to one another about what it might be.

Then I yelled for my parents to come out and see it.

My parents along with my aunt and uncle were in the living room, talking, and they had locked the front door to keep us all from running through the house.

We could get in through the back door but we used to like to run through the house from the back to the front and run out the front door and my aunt didn't like us to do this.

So, while keeping my eyes on it,

I backed up to the front door and yelled and knocked on it, but they still didn't pay attention.

Finally, in desperation, I turned around and pounded on the door with both fists and yelled my head off.

This got some results and they all appeared on the front porch, but by then the object had left.

My cousin said that when I began to really yell, it took off like a shot, like a streak of light, and disappeared.

My parents took us inside, took us into separate rooms and had us draw pictures of what we had seen.

Our pictures and descriptions were similar.

I remember being frustrated with my drawing because I couldn't make it look like what I had seen, I still can't.

The geometry of the object was so perfect that I don't have the talent to draw it, even though it is essentially a sphere with a triangle in back of it.

It appeared to be machined, there was nothing at all plasma like or unclear about it.

There had been a rash of sightings of UFOs around the Snoqualmie Valley around this time.

A friend of my father's, a timber faller who was on a ridge with his crew, had seen a formation of 5 silver disks pass below them.

They watched them move up the valley and out of sight.

They were astounded, to say the least

So, UFOs were on people's minds at that time and place.

This is the reason I am writing.

I just heard of people talking about UFOs before sighting them.

I have a distinct memory of walking up from the river with my cousins, 3 boys, and talking with them about UFOs and wondering what seeing one would be like, about 5 minutes before this event.

Although we have talked about this event over the years, my memory of it and my cousin's memory are no longer the same.

The cousin I saw it with now claims that what we saw was a silvery disk like thing that was spinning around.

My older cousin, who was not with us at the time, now backs him up and also says he was there on the porch with us.

I have a particularly good long term memory, and am pretty sure I am right about this.

Another thing I remember is my father coming into the house the next day or so, and saying that there had been a streak of light or UFO, spotted over Seattle at approximately the time that our object would have gotten there.

It had taken off going in the direction of Seattle, which is very close to Snoqualmie or North Bend, approximately 25 to 30 miles.

I should add that my parents and my aunt & uncle absolutely believed our story.

My sighting time and the date are my best attempt to pinpoint time & date.

It was a summer evening, it was warm and had been a sunny day.

It was before we moved away from that area.

I am not positive whether it was 1952 or 1953, therefore I am not positive about my age.

The object would have been approximately 50' away from us, 25' in the air and smallish, maybe 6' in diameter.

If I had held out my hand at arm's length, it would have just about covered it, but it was awfully close to us.

Don't know if you have any interest in this, as it is unlike any other story I've ever heard.

Seeing it changed my life because I don't think" there are UFOs, I know there are.

And I know, too, that this object wasn't from a terrestrial source, it was very strange and otherworldly.

I grew up to be a mental health professional, a licensed clinical social worker, so I also know that I'm not crazy.

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