UFO Near Norrtalje

UFO Near Norrtalje

Date: January 20, 2008

Location: Near Norrtalje Sweden

47 year old Honduran immigrant Miguel is driving about 3 miles east of Norrtalje on the south side of Norrtalje Bay.

A very bright light appears and it lights up the road and the woods beside it. The light is a combination of yellow/white/blue and is moving quickly. Miguel wonders if it could be a helicopter. He stops the car and got out, but by then the light had already disappeared. Miguel climbs into the car again and when he sits down he hears a voice in his head ordering him to drive.

It is not like a normal voice, but some form of telepathic communication.

The voice tells Miguel where to drive to, and after a few miles he arrives at a place near Norrtalje Bay and parks there. After standing for a few minutes outside his car Miguel hears a loud humming sound resembling that of a generator. He looks up and sees a saucer shaped object with a light in the middle. The color of the craft is aluminum/silver.

Afraid, he shouts:

Itís not possible, God help me.

At this point a beam of light comes from the base of the craft towards the ground. Inside the beam there is a creature that begins to approach the car. The creature stops at about 25' away while the beam is withdrawn into the craft. Miguel wants to run away or jump back into the car, but he is somehow paralyzed.

The being is now closer to Miguel and he sees that it has large dark slanting eyes, on a large head with a high forehead; it has long thin arms with 4 fingers on each. It also has some kind of protrusion of the middle of its forehead. Miguel does not see any ears, and only 2 small holes for a nose. The creature is hairless, lacks sexual organs and is completely naked. The feet resemble that of a duck.

The being says in perfect Spanish and in a manís voice:

Do not be afraid I will not hurt you.

And places his hand on Miguelís shoulder. The hand feels very hard and heavy. The following conversation then ensues:

Miguel: Oh, my God, who are you? Are you God or an angel?

Creature: We are not Gods or angels. My name is Horo and Iím from Reticulum 4, a planet very far from Earth. For a long time you have been selected to get to know us. Some of your ancestors had contact with us and now is the time to send a message to humanity. You will have to reach around the world and then spread it further. There are already people who are prepared to help you and with their help you can get the message across.

Miguel then asks if he can touch the creature.

Horo says yes and Miguel touches the creatureís arm. It feels a bit hot and hard like boneless meat.

Miguel then asks if he can ride in their craft, but the answer is no.

The creature explains that they will be in contact in the future to protect and assist in various ways. After an approximately 20 minute conversation the creature orders Miguel to return to the same place the day after at 3:00 p.m.

The craft, which had not been seen during the conversation suddenly, appears again shooting the light beam to the ground. The creature then floats up into the craft, the craft then disappears at lighting speed.

When Miguel gets home he feels very upset and is unable to sleep that night.

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