Object Emitted Other Objects II

Object Emitted Other Objects II

Date: June 6, 1945

Location: Normandy, France

There were lights on the object, the object left a trail, the object made a sound,

There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object

D-day shell not normal moving around then vanished.

I had the misfortune to be one of the first rifle companies to land on the beaches of Normandy.

It was about an hour after we landed I was hiding in a building armed with only a rifle and pistol.

I was an officer.

We set up a machine gun, and started shooting at the Germans whilst 3 soldiers were all shooting out the windows.

I decided to go upstairs for a better aim, and thats when I saw what at that moment I thought was an artillery shell.

But then it stopped in mid air and started moving around.

As I focused on the shell, I was shot by a German sniper and taken to the hospital in Dover.

Which I guess was a good thing in the end, because later my company ended up spearheading the next operation in which only 24 people survived.

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