Unidentified Object Hovering Over Interstate 264

Unidentified Object Hovering Over Interstate 264

Date: September 9, 1956

Location: Norfolk, VA

I was driving to work from Virginia Beach to Norfolk Virginia.

As I was driving, coming close to my exit on Interstate 564.

As I was driving, this bright fluorescent light in the sky caught my attention.

As I continue to drive, I observed this object in the sky.

I could not stop, because I was in the far left lane, and traffic was heavy that morning.

At first, I thought it was a helicopter, shining its searchlight, but this fluorescent light was too soft, I wasn't blinded by it.

This light shone exactly like a strobing light, but no flicker was present when it caught my attention in the sky.

This object appeared to be a long cylinder/cigar shape.

As I continue to drive and look at the fluorescent light, it was very soft to my eyes.

I also caught a glimpse of a red light under the belly, center, of the object.

I tried to determine if this was a helicopter, but I would know if this was a helicopter by the sound they make, but this object produced no sound.

It maintained it stationery position for at least 90 seconds before I had to exit Interstate 264.

I tried to see the object from Interstate 564, but wasn't able to see the object anymore from my new position.

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