Nha Trang Sighting

Nha Trang Sighting

Date: 1966

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

The US base of Nha Trang was an important strategic location for the U.S. In 1966, it was also the sight of one of the most interesting UFO encounters of the war. Unlike other encounters, this one had a few thousand soldiers as witnesses.

During a night without fighting, the American GIs got together to watch an outdoor movie. Bulldozers were working on hills nearby, and two Skyraider attack planes were warming up their engines for a mission. An oil tanker was also close by in the harbor.

As the soldiers watched their movie, the sky to the north suddenly lit up. Initially, the soldiers thought that it was a flare. Then the light moved toward the base.

Eyewitnesses reported that the light moved erratically, speeding up and slowing down. It was flying at around 25,000'. Then, the light stopped and dived downward, hovering 300' to 500' off the ground.

When the light descended, all the electrical equipment in the base shorted out, including the engines on the Skyraiders and the bulldozers. The light hovered for a bit and then shot straight up, disappearing into the night sky. Eventually, the power came back, but nobody could understand what had happened.

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