Glowing Lights Ahead Of UFO

Glowing Lights Ahead Of UFO

Date: June 30, 1957

Location: New York City, NY

When I walked down an old trail a light would pop up from low growth at edge of trail.

About 2', hover then as I got closer it would zip further away stop and bounce and weave.

Near dusk a cherry red dot 3" in diameter would come out at the end of the trail about 6' from the ground.

It would stay there as white lights would come from paths at the end of trail.

Then they would zip straight up into the red light then light would zip into the swampy woods.

I first saw the red light one evening while walking in the swamp.

he day before hurricane Donna l was ½ way down the trail when I saw the red light slowly zigzagging 6" from the ground.

It was circling all around 7 large oaks.

As it came close to me, I got up on a stump.

it came within inches of me, as it moved away I ran.

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