Looked Like A Baseball Gliding

Looked Like A Baseball Gliding

Date: May 15, 1950

Location: New York City, Bronx, NY

I was 5 years old and playing on Guerlain St., Bronx, NY.

I looked up and saw what looked like a baseball gliding in a straight path around 15 mph towards Tremont Ave.

I crossed the street and tried to follow it on Thieriot Ave.

After a short distance the object moved faster and then headed toward the sky.

At the time it didn't occur to me to tell anyone.

This is the first time I have reported it since I am getting old and want it recorded.

No one would have believed me way back then and might not now.

I read an article recently about experiments in the 1950s and thought I should report it just for the record.

I don't believe I imagined it.

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