Growing Up In The Bronx

Growing Up In The Bronx

Date: January 2, 1950

Location: New York, NY

My close friend & his wife and 2 frends came from bingo game in Queens, NY, to there apartment parking lot.

As they entered the lot it lit up like daylight.

Jacks wife got out of the car, and saw UFO with round windows above the building.

As jack and the others, got out it turned off like a ligtht switch.

Jack has passed away, and I can't locate his widow, or the others.

End of that story.

My wife and I saw a cigar shaped object at home here in Plainview, NY,

8 years ago.

It danced in the clouds, and was met by 3 more cigar shaped objects.

In that dance, and in 5 minutes, all were gone into the clouds.

End of that story!

I went under self hypnossis in a group with a leader.

When it was over I said to the group:

I saw myself being abducted at Crotona Park, in the Bronx where I lived as a 10 year old.

The leader said it probably happend.

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