Orbs In Sky

Orbs In Sky

Date: July 15, 1961

Location: Newberg, OR

I saw orbs in the sky North of Newberg, OR, above Chehalem Mt. in the summer in the early 1960s, I am unsure of the exact year that it happened.

I was lying in bed looking North out of my bedroom window watching the stars when one changed position quickly.

Over the next several minutes, several of the objects changed position moving next to others quickly.

I kept thinking they were some kind of aircraft and the angle I was at was probably giving me an illusion, and what I was seeing wasn't really what was going on.

I continued watching for several minutes, 20 to 30 minutes, seeing the orbs continually changing position in relation to each other at irregular time intervals.

Then one flew into the group of about 12+/- from the West at a speed I had never seen before or since,

I have watched the shuttle and space station go over since this, seeing this I watched closely knowing what I was seeing was not an illusion.

Then, some flew away at incredible speed or just disappeared like lights that turned off, within a short time they were all gone.

Then after another 20 or 30 minutes they began to reappear and some began flying back to the group, again flying fast.

Another 20 or 30 minutes went by and again they disappeared or rapidly flew off.

Again after a few minutes they reappeared or flew back into the group.

I watched them and fell asleep after another hour or so.

The next morning a report came on the radio saying several people reported the sighting.

The report also stated the Air National Guard had tried to intercept them twice and had them on radar.

When they approached they disappeared.

They went back to base and turned around to go back, and again they lost them, so they went back to base and landed because they couldn't intercept.

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