Large Dark Object Travels Across Sky

Large Dark Object Travels Across Sky

Date: December 13, 2004

Location: Neosho, MO

While watching the meteor shower, I saw a large, silent, and completely dark object travel across the sky.

While out watching the meteor shower, I noticed a distortion in the sky. The sky was clear, no clouds in any direction.

I noticed something traveling through the sky from South to North over our town. I was able to track the object because the stars would disappear from view as it traveled in front of them and then would reappear as the object moved on.

The object was completely dark. There were no lights anywhere on it, at least as seen from my angle of view on the ground. It made no sound, despite its large size.

I waited for several minutes after it was out of sight for a delayed sound, but I never heard anything from it. Its altitude is difficult to determine, however, it appeared to be at least several thousand feet high.

Its size was about 6 times as large as what a 747 looks like when it is at 30,000'.

When the object was near overhead, I was able to make out its shape against the sky despite the fact that both sky and object were dark.

It was roughly oval or egg shaped, but had a pylon or similar structure on either side of it.

I tracked the object for about 15 to 30 seconds as it moved from about 40° above the southern horizon, overhead and off to the North until it was obscured from view by the trees across the street from my house.

I did not have enough time to go into the house to get anyone else to come see it.

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