UFO Evades Jets

UFO Evades Jets

Date: January 22, 1952

Location: Nenana, AK

Ground radar outpost and three airborne radar sets on F-94 interceptors tracked a distinct unexplainable target.

USAF Lt. A.L.B. a CPS-6B radar operator at ADC radar site F-2, Murphy Dome AFS, about 19 miles WNW of Fairbanks, AK, tracked an inbound or outbound target at 210° azimuth at about 1,500 to 2,400 mph, and after 10 to 12 radar sweeps 12 seconds each, urgently called twice, at 12:25 a.m. and 12:26 a.m., for interception, and 2 USAF F-94 jets were scrambled, possibly multiple reversals of UFO direction in this time interval.

At 12:52-53 a.m., unidentified target was tracked inbound at 210° azimuth heading N at 45 miles range for about 1 min, first F-94 at 30,000' was vectored on 180° heading to attempt intercept at 20 miles projected range of target to radar site, but target reversed course over an 8 mile radius of turn, roughly 5 G's and headed outbound at 1,500+ mph heading S and away from radar site and F-94.

Pilot Lt. C.E.G. and radar observer Capt. V.D.R. on first F-94 tracked two targets, one strong one faint on. F-94 circled for an hour before getting another target at 12 o’clock low, dropped to 25,000' with 100 knot closure rate, no visual contact, had to pull up at 600' distance to avoid collision, F-94 released to return to base at 2:13 a.m. Pilot Capt. R. time also obtained radar lock on to a target at 12 o’clock high at 17,000 yards range for 2 to 3 minutes.

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