SS Nantucket (LV 117)Sighting

SS Nantucket Sighting

Date: October 7, 1958

Location: Near Nantucket Island, MA

Log entry:

Time 2:55 p.m. Entrance Nantucket Channel. While outbound from Nantucket for Martha's Vineyard, Woods Hole, and New Bedford, sighted unknown object hovering in the sky, estimated height 8,000' to 10,000', at an angle of about 160º. Object remained stationary for a minute or more, then shot up and away to the northeast and disappeared out of sight at a rapid rate of speed. Color of object grayish, oval shape.

Ratio of major/minor axes 2½:1 The object hovered almost directly overhead before zooming away.

Transcript of interview with Captain Joseph Gwodz:

Captain Gwodz: We were bound out on the Nantucket in 1958 about 4:30 p.m., and I noticed some passengers on the deck were pointing up. So, naturally being curious, I looked up, and I saw this object hovering about 70º ahead of us perhaps 1,200' or 1,500' up in the air.

Reporter: What did the object look like to you?

Captain Gwodz: Well, it was oval shaped, an egg shaped, dull aluminum color, and it appeared to have skids underneath instead of wheels on it.

Reporter: And it flew away before you could get the glasses on it?

Captain Gwodz: Well, I went into the box, got the glasses out, and I swing to the bridge, by that time it was gone. So I said: What happened? And they said: Well, it went that way, pointing off to the northeast.

Reporter: Did any other members of the crew see the....

Captain Gwodz: Yes, the quartermaster, Antoine Jardin, transcriber unsure of spelling. The pilot was at the wheel. Naturally, he didn't see it. It was high up, not on the horizon.

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