Flying Saucers Hovering Above Our House

Flying Saucers Hovering Above Our House

Date: May 15, 1966

Nanakuli, HI

A friend and I were in our kitchen doing the dishes and quizzing each other for a science test we were having the next day. We were both in the seventh grade at the time. My brother, who’s a jokester, was sitting on the rail of our back porch talking to us through the screen door. All of a sudden he looked up into the still sunny sky and said: Look, flying saucers! My friend dropped her dish towel onto the counter and dashed out the door to take a look. Being my brother was always horsing around,

I didn’t believe him and told my friend not to believe him either.

Well she was out the door already, and when she looked up she shouted back to me: Yeah, come look, flying saucers, for real!

I rushed out the door, which took about 5 seconds to do, and looked up into the sky and saw two saucer shaped objects, hovering above our house. They looked to be about 30' to 35' above us. There were no wings or tail extended like an airplane or helicopter. There were no noises or sounds that we could hear. It was gray in color with one red and one pink light blinking from its underside.

I quickly ran through our little house, from the back porch, through the kitchen, the dining room, and into the living room where my mother was. I shouted for her to come and see the flying saucers, and ran back out to the back porch. In about 5 seconds of getting there, the two objects silently lifted into the sky and zipped out of sight in a matter of a second or so.

As quickly as I can zip my cursor from one end of my monitor screen to the other, is how I would describe the UFO’s course of action.

I am 55 years old now, and can still, vividly remember that afternoon like it was yesterday. Anytime the subject of UFO’s or flying saucers come up in our presence, my brother and I look at each other and laugh, then we’ll say, We know, we saw some.

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