Swedish Team Hunts For Ghost Rocket

Swedish Team Hunts For Ghost Rocket

Date: July 31, 1980

Location: Muddus, Sweden

While America celebrated the annual end of summer rite known as Labor Day weekend, a team of researchers spent the time searching a lake in northern Sweden for a Ghost Rocket, an object that allegedly crashed there on July 31, 1980.

Bo and Liz Berg, reported seeing an elongated, cigar shaped object with 2 protrusions on its sides, turn 180° and perform a controlled landing in the water of Lake Akkajaure, reports Sweden’s news in English website.

We heard this sound, like an airplane cruising along without accelerating, Bo Bergsaid.

It made a swooshing sound. We figured it was a cruise missile, a Soviet missile that was off course, Liz Berg said.

But it slowed down and turned. Then it landed on the lake and sank.

People have reported seeing unidentified objects crashing in Swedish lakes over the past 7 decades.

Many UFOs seen in 1946 were dubbed ghost rockets, because they were reported as missile or rocket shaped. Some of these objects were thought to be German missiles captured by Russia during World War II, but a definitive explanation was never found, according to numerous accounts.

More than 30 years after the Bergs’ experience, Clas Svahn, chairman of UFO Sweden, put a support team together of divers, a film crew and one of the original witnesses to the 1980 sighting, and headed to Lake Akkajaure this past weekend to try and find the unknown object.

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