Most Beautiful Experience

Most Beautiful Experience

Date: November 5, 1965

Location: Nacaome, Valle Department of Honduras

In the summer of 1965 about 4:00 p.m. I was working in my parents crops plantation, corn, watermelon, squash.

I had the most beautiful experience of my life since I been in this world. I was a little bit over 15 years, bare foot, rip short and t shirt and falling apart hat, I was piling up the product get it ready to transport them in a 2 wheeled home made trailer to the near town market.

Tired and thirsty I grabbed my water bottle and sat down on the top of a big rock under the nice and fresh tree shadow, after enjoy a few sips of water, I lifted up my eyes to the top of the mountain and start to live so marvelous spectacle of shiny colors and very sophisticated noises, I was scared for a moment.

To run back home wasn't an option, that was to far from the scene.

So I decide to stay and assume the consequences of my brave attitude. When I saw the main door open, I was convinced the object was a helicopter and I walked over when I saw a small man in a tri color suit, blue/red/white, come out of the object.

Hooked up to the hose on his shoulders, after standing on the ground, he look around and pulled out of his pocket a small object and put it in the ground for about 30 seconds.

By that time, 5 minutes from the begining, I was 100' away from the UFO and my surprise was he invited me to come in, lifting his right hand and point it to the main door of the UFO.

I threw my falling apart hat on the ground and start climbing in the main door 5 stairs.

As soon as I walk in the UFO, 2 more small men was sitting in front of a computer looking device, crossing their hands up the chest, lower their heads in my direction, both at the same time stretch the right hand and point to the lab around the unit.

I was astonished with the amount of samples they had collected and save it behind crystal fiber windows.

The main door was closed after that and they brought me back to the same place, same time next day.

We traveled to marvelous places at high speed and out of this world sophisticated equipment.

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