Wright Field Sighting

Wright Field Sighting

Date: July 8, 1947

Location: Muroc Army Air Field, Kern & San Bernardino Counties, CA

Army Air Force experimental test pilot Captain John Paul Strapp, Mr. Lenz from Wright Field and 2 others in an observation truck at Area 3 of Rogers Dry Lake for a P-82 ejection seat test.

Saw a round silver or aluminum/white object at first thought to be a parachute, about 25' wide.

Falling from a height below the 20,000' of the test aircraft at 3x the rate for an ejection seat test, drifting horizontally toward Mt. Wilson, to the South, at less than 50-80 mph.

Which when close to horizon appeared to have an oval outline with 2 thick fins or knobs on the upper surface which seemed to rotate or oscillate.

No propellers, slowly disappearing below the mountain tops in the distance after 90 seconds.

Other witnesses independently, including Muroc Commanding Officer Colonel Signa A. Gilkey and engineer Major Richard R. Shoop & wife saw from a different location 5 to 8 miles away to the North, the apparently same falling object.

Thin metallic aluminum colored and the size of a pursuit aircraft, 50', reflecting Sunlight and oscillating, descend to ground level, then rise again and move slowly off in the distance for a total of 8 minutes.

No sound or trail.

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