Cluster Of UFOs

Cluster Of UFOs

Date: July 1, 1958

Location: Muncie, IN

A star sized object circled the sky and then shot straight out of sight at very great speed.

It was in the summer and I am not sure of the year, it could have been l958 or 1959.

I was outside and looked at the sky, which was full of stars.

I noticed that one of the stars was moving in a very large circle around the sky.

For as high as it must have been, it must have been moving at a great speed.

It continued this for a while and then it shot off straight out of sight at a much greater speed.

It was about the size of one of the stars, but brighter.

Other people outside saw it also.

I called the Civil Defense call line and found that it was busy for quite awhile.

When I finally got through, they said that they had many calls about the same thing.

I am a high school teacher

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