UFO Left A Trail & Changed Colors

UFO Left A Trail & Changed Colors

Location: July 12, 1954

Location: 4 Miles South Of Morroco, IN

I was 12, riding with an uncle, aunt & grandmother on U.S. 41.

My uncle excitedly stated a plane was crashing to the ground.

A flaming object was falling, as it neared the ground a gold color cigar shaped craft exited the flame about 300' distant.

It then passed over the front of our car.

It was about 60' long and had white windows and exhaust.

The flame was turned off as it neared 41.

Several cars stopped as it went East.

At a slow pace it changed to a saucer.

Low to tree line it did a bank as it neared a higher tree and showed its aluminum like undercarriage.

When we reached our destination we could not sleep.

The next morning we read in the Clinton newspaper that a commercial plane and its passengers had observed a red UFO over central Illinois.

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