Debs Sighting

Debs Sighting

Date: December 11, 2022

Location: Moreton, England

This afternoon, about 2:00 p.m. while having a smoke on my front porch I looked up to the sky and noticed 2 distant objects.

As I glanced to my left to look at the smaller one, it had disappeared, looking back to the larger one, it too was gone now.

This event lasted about 30 minutes, the following is what I observed:

There were 2 objects initially, one that I paid most attention to was the larger of both objects.

I had no way to determine how high they were, nothing available to judge it on, the larger one appeared to be lower than the smaller one, but that could be just as I perceived it, they may have been the same size but one higher than the other.

I just can't be positive on this.

The best way I can explain them is to be bat shaped once it started moving, before they moved they were undefinable shapes, and black in color.

The underside had a extremely bright white/silver revolving light.

I know they weren't any common aircraft I know of, like , drones, Balloons or helicopters.


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