Lyndia Morel Encounter

Lyndia Morel Encounter

Date: November 2, 1973

Location: Goffstown, NH

Mrs. Lyndia Morel, had left her job at Manchester around 2:45 a.m., She met a friend for a cup of coffee and then got some gasoline and headed home. As she drove along she noticed a bright yellow light that seemed to be following her car. Finally, after several miles, on a deserted stretch of road, the light became a large sphere covered with six-sided facets over its entire visible surface. In the upper portion of the sphere was an oval shaped window with some sort of humanoid being visible from about the waist up. This being was standing with its arms down to its side. A dark partition, which Lyndia felt might have been an instrument panel and which went straight across in front of the lower window, concealed the beings hands. With a grayish rounded head and a face covered with wrinkles, it had two large egg shaped eyes, each eye containing a large, dark pupil. She felt unable to look away from the eyes. She felt as though it had somehow been conveyed to her, don’t be afraid.

But Lyndia became very afraid and felt as though she were in real and imminent danger of being abducted. The sphere was becoming brighter, even dazzling, and as she drove along she had to cover her eyes with one raised arm. Finally she pulled partly onto the front lawn of an occupied house and running up to the door, began frantically beating on it and pleading for help. Reportedly at this point the UFO began to back off, and when a Mrs. Beaudoin arrived at the door about 2 minutes later, Lyndia began sinking to her knees in a faint, although she didn’t actually lose consciousness. Mrs. Beaudoin attested to the fact that the young woman at her door seemed truly frightened and hysterical.

Mrs. Morel had been interviewed by Betty Hill & Walter Webb who determined that she appeared to be truthful about her alleged encounter. Lyndia also described how she felt, that prior to coming to a stop at the Beaudoin residence she felt that she had at one point lost control of her car, and seemed also to have recalled hearing a high pitched whine.

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