Saucer In North Carolina

Saucer In North Carolina

Date: June 30, 1955

Location: Morehead City, NC

This sighting was reported to me by my now deceased mother.

It took place sometime during the mid 1950s most probably.

As I remember her stating that my oldest sister was in the vehicle with her and my second oldest sister was a baby, she was born in 1954.

She stated it was during the spring or summer, as her car windows were down at the time.

She said it had just gotten dark outside.

My mother had been at the local hospital visiting my grandmother and was leaving to return home.

The hospital was across a 2 lane street from the water, Bogue Sound, and on the other side of the sound is a small strip of beach which directly faces the Atlantic Ocean.

Our beach runs East/West.

As she was backing out of her parking space she saw a round, saucer shaped craft approaching from the South, over the water.

She stated it wasn't very high & made no sound, again, her windows were down at the time.

It was low enough that she could easily make out round, what she called portholes around the periphery of the saucer.

She stated there was yellowish/white light coming from these portholes.

Unsure whether it was actually windows of a sort she was seeing or if it could have been round lights?

She stated it was moving slowly and silently.

It was flying, again, from the southeast to the northwest, over the hospital.

Since it was basically following the same direction she would have to go to return home, she decided to try to follow it.

She followed it as it flew over the treetops a couple of blocks and turned left to head West.

She stated it also seemed to head in a more westerly direction, up the highway.

As she reached her turn off at 20th Street, she stated she lost sight of it heading westnorthwest over the trees.

When she got home, she told my father about it, but he advised her not to mention it to anyone or they would think she was crazy.

She only ever told the family about it.

However, a couple of days later, in our local newspaper, a local businessman who owned & operated a service station around 25th Street, 5 blocks from where she last saw it, reported seeing it and described exactly the same thing she had seen, at almost the same time.

He said it flew right over his service station.

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