UFO Observed Over Highway 52

UFO Observed Over Highway 52

Date: October 24, 1948

Location: Moorhead, MN

Mr. Sanders and his wife while driving northwest on Hwy 52 towards Moorhead and Fargo, saw a brilliant golden/white round object suddenly appear as if a light switched on.

About 3 miles away to the northeast at 1,000' altitude in a gradual climb traveling at high speed, estimated 600-1,000 mph, heading West towards Moorhead

No trail or sound, about ½ Moon angular size, Moon and Sun both below the horizon.

When they reached the North of Moorhead the object, which was slightly to the left of directly ahead, made a right turn to the North then a second later disappeared by switching off.

The crew saw the silhouette of an object shaped like a “rifle bullet and apparently 20' to 30'.

This case has the number 218 in USAF’s Project Blue Book and is listed as an Unknown.

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