Two Brilliant Circles Of Several Lights

Two Brilliant Circles Of Several Lights

Date: July 15, 1968

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

It was a night of summer in a big city of the northeast of Mexico, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 1 million of people on that time, then the place where I lived had simple poor lights on the streets, and it permits looking at the stars clearly.

Suddenly some adult people begin to join to look to the sky, I was 6 years then, now I'm 42 years old,

It was two perfect circles of several bright colors crossing very hig in the sky and turning everyone it selfs, now these lights remind me of the Jupiter II lights of the old USA/TV program Lost in Space, while it taking place, I heard one of the adults say:

I think these are two planes and they come from Europe, but I don't belive it, because this configuration of lights aren't conventional.

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