Pier 1 Sighting

Pier 1 Sighting

Date: October 14, 1954

Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

It was around 10:30 p.m. onward it was time for me and my cousin to go party.

Upon reaching the mall near Pier 1 which is a shore location I happen to glance up in the sky which I always do just looking for something like shooting star, comet and occasional UFOs. Cause I always watch UFO related programs on TV.

I wanted to see it for myself someday, so I always keep a lookout for cause I know must be real. So when I saw it I pinch myself and squint to see if I was awake when I looked back I saw a big round ball shape green glowing orb moving slowly over head it was far as the distance a plane would be before landing I was awestruck I just stared as is gilded then took off at the speed of light. I then turned to my cousin and said:

Did you see that?

And he said: No..what?

I said:

The UFO that was just over our heads.

I tell you this is not a joke, I am serious as God and I donít take oaths with the Lordís name as Iím God fearing.

If that thing was to land it would be bigger than 10 aeroplanes put together.

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