Co-Workers See Monk Like Entity

Co-Workers See Monk Like Entity

Date: January 16, 1975

Location: Arrasate/Mondragón, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Spain

Angelica Barrigon Varela and co-worker Remedios Diez were on their way to work at a local factory along the wall that divided the railroad tracks and the street when they heard a loud buzzing sound coming from the area of the tracks. Looking in that direction they beheld a bizarre creature floating and balancing itself above the railroad tracks. It appeared to be wearing a monk like smock or coat, dark green in color that emitted intermediate flashes of light under the light rain.

The humanoid itself was dwarf like with white pale features and stared at the witnesses fixedly. The face was oval shaped and the eyes were like two deep black holes. It appeared to lack any legs below the knees as the smock hung in mid-air. It possessed a head covering that was square in shape and apparently to large for the head itself, it was almost rectangular in shape. It maintained its short arms tucked within the smock as if hiding its hands.

The pair were surprised that the local guard dogs were completely silent and had not noticed anything.

The strange being stared at the pair with a peculiar look on its face almost as if surprised.

Both women stood terrified until a sudden rush of wind snapped them into action, both then ran away from the area. At a few hundred yars away they looked back and the humanoid had vanished.

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