Grandmother Woke Me Up

Grandmother Woke Me Up

Date: August 8, 1947

Location: Modesto, CA

My grandmother woke me up to go to the front house get my uncle to check on the bright blueish light out behind our cottage.

I was scared to get wake my uncle so I went out back.

I looked up and there was a large disk object hoovering over head with multi colored lights on it.

The next thing I know I am being woke up to explain how my aunts vegetable and flower garden are totally destroyed.

Completely dried to ash like condition.

My grandmother tried to tell them it was something in the sky but they would not listen and called my mother to come get me, I could not stay the rest of the summer.

I complained about being sick and having severe cramps but they said I was faking it so as to get to stay.

When my mother got there to get me she was real mad at my grandmother for defending me and mad because I was sunburnt and blistered and my head was bleeding from a small hole or puncture.

She claimed I must have gotten hit with a nail or something.

I was 8, 9, or 10 years old because it was the summer my grandmothers brother died.

It was on 8th Street across from the golf course.

I went back to see if I would remember the house in the late 1960s early 1970s and the house had not been changed.

I did not ask to go in back or to see if the garden area to see if the ground was still dead.

A short time after my experience my uncle told me about Mr. Arnold and his UFO sighting.

My uncle was a pilot and owner of a single engine piper cub.

He took me flying once and I was thrilled.

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