Long Object With Green Light In Nose

Long Object With Green Light In Nose

Date: March 8, 1957

Location: Mockville & Arrity, NC

A civilian observed an object 30' to 35' long with a round nose that was 10' to 12' in diameter. It was gray/white in color and the nose was a very bright green light. The object was at an altitude estimated at 500' to 2000' and traveled from the NW, circled then moved to the NE. The length of the observation was 2 minutes.

Here is another report from the SE U.S. This one was carring a very bright green light in the nose. The next day on March 9, 1957, there were three sightings of green fireball like objects from aircraft in the SE U.S. area, all at different times, so there is no overlap here.

Written off by Blue Book as possible jet aircraft with afterburner. However, the description doesn't fit and the witness heard no sound.

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