Bank Of Misty Orange Lights

Bank Of Misty Orange Lights

Date: April 18, 2007

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Last night I was out skywatching.

There has been a huge ball of light at the same time every night about 9:30 p.m. moving from an East to West direction which is probably a satellite or space station.

Because of the Suns position at this time it lights up very big and very bright.

Bigger than Venus in the sky which of course is very big and bright at the moment.

As it passed by it made me want to stay and have a good scout around.

There were the usual satellites but nothing out of the ordinary.

When I decided to go back inside I turned to face towards the West and witnessed a huge chevron shaped bank of misty orange lights, 3 on each side, moving totally silent in the direction of Dublin airport.

The object was greyish in between the 3 lights on each side but the whole thing looked as if you smudged a dark pencil line between the 2 rows of lights.

It had no definite outline but a haze of grey like a shadow.

This haze was also present over the orange color of the 6 lights.

It was completely silent.

It moved quite fast and began to bank to the right as if to head out over the East coast.

I lost sight of it over the roof top and ran to the front of the house but could not find it in the night sky.

There are lots of street lights at the front of the house which create a haze.

My whole body was trembling inside and my hands and knees were shaking.

I find it hard to explain the feeling but Iím sure you understand, as I tried to take in what I had just witnessed.

I have witnessed many UFOs before in the night sky over Dublin, but I have never seen anything so big before.

I was quite shaken after this, but felt compelled to stay and look in the same area.

I just had a strange feeling because of its size that there would be more to follow.

After about 30 minutes, and lots of cigs, another 2 misty orange lights passed on the exact same flight path as the large one.

One leading the other and the latter to the right hand side.

They passed by and were out of sight in no more than 2 seconds.

When your brain is used to processing seeing normal aircraft in the sky and how they move, these objects really donít register in that way, and seem to have no resistance in the sky at all.

Itís hard to comprehend because of their speed and also the total silence as they pass.

I would be really interested to hear if anyone else has seen anything in the Dublin area or along the East coast.

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