Minister Has Multiple Meetings With Aliens

Minister Has Multiple Meetings With Aliens

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

I wish to remain anonymous, because I am a Minister of the Baptist Church in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and some people might think what I have experienced is against religion. I have had three meetings with humanoid beings from the planet Koshnak, located in the vicinity of the constellation of Orion.

Their vehicles can travel in space and can also somehow pass through our planet.

These beings appeared to me to have melon shaped, completely expressionless faces with thin lips, tiny noses and ears, and extremely large eyes without pupils. Their eyes are green with scintillating flashes. The expression in the eyes is intense. They always seem friendly.

One of them is called Ohnesto and he is the one who mainly communicates with me. This is a kind of telepathic communication. He tries to explain complicated ideas of time and space to me. He has told me that they travel in the 7th and 8th dimensions which are unknown to earth humans.

These beings are aware of thirteen dimensions. Their life span is about 800 to 1000 of our years. They can continue life forever with only one cell of their body. They are beings of other dimensions, of other worlds, but they are not gods.

From time immemorial, teachers of Light came to our planet from other planets, from other systems, even from other galaxies and realms known to us as the non-physical or supernatural realms of existence. Great companies of Light came into incarnation on our planet Earth, carrying with them the message of Truth and Love and Light. I believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is one of these beings.

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