Lights Swirling Among Each Other

Lights Swirling Among Each Other

Date: November 25, 1958

Location: Milwaukee, WI

3 disk shaped lights swirling among each other across sky, going North, shot straight into the stars.

Myself, my brother, and a neighborhood friend of ours were in our backyard looking at the stars with one of those old Gilbert cardboard tube reflector telescopes.

I actually did an ink drawing of the event and submitted it to a paranormal website, which they posted.

My brother is 3 years younger than I.

When we saw this I must have been around 10.

I don't know if he would fill out a form like this, I'd really like to know his blow by blow recollection.

What's funny is that when I got into social media, before that we hadn't talked to each other in almost 20 years for whatever reason.

We got all caught up in 2 days.

One of the first things I asked him was if he remembered the night in the backyard when we saw the UFOs?

I may have been living with an hallucination my whole life.

He said yeah, he remembered it and he thinks about it all the time.

That night has convinced me there is something going on.

I've been pro-space and a Trekkie my entire life.

I'm now 62 and actually I have been diagnosed with MDS which has really taken me out of the game, it's a pre-leukemia, may need a bone marrow transplant.

I have a younger brother that already said he would do it if it came to it.

Being that my mortality is staring me in the face, I feel like I have to get all this stuff in me out of me, before I won't be able to any longer.

I just heard the program on the radio tonight where we were asked to send all this stuff in.

Here's my two-cents.

My Uncle gave me the telescope for my birthday.

It was in November and a cold clear night, but ya gotta try it out.

We took turns looking through it, and I'm sure we saw nothing we could comprehend.

What happened is that we heard a noise like the sound of a jet aircraft, but we couldn't see it yet.

We knew it was coming from the East which were houses and trees.

I had an idea to maybe see if I can see the jet in the telescope, close up.

What came over the tops of the trees however, where these 3 classic disks.

They glowed enough that they were obvious.

At arm's length, maybe the size of a silver dollar between finger and thumb.

What I'll never forget, if that wasn't enough, was that they were swerving in and out of each other.

Like playing, easy as you please, absolutely in control, dancing around each other.

They came over the trees, came across the clear & starry sky, maybe 45° or 50° above the horizon line, which we could not see for the neighborhood houses and trees.

They went across the sky, swerving in and out of each other, go to about where North is and shot straight up into the sky and disappeared.

We forgot about the damn telescope, we were too dumbfounded.

I remember running into the house to tell my mother, who was watching television, that we just saw flying saucers in the backyard.

She straight out didn't believe us, why should she?

Not the same night, and I know I was still a kid.

My mother sat under the street light on our front porch, waiting for my father to come home, he worked late as a chef in a restaurant, about 1:00 a.m.

She was alone, yes under a street light at night, dark streets, in inner town Milwaukee, those days are long gone.

Anyway, she swears she heard the sound of a freight train, come from the East going to the West and it was in the sky over the top of houses in the neighborhood.

She curled up to protect herself, I cannot recollect if the same instance is when she said she saw something that was cigar shaped.

After the noise was gone she said she saw a smoke trail, extend from the East to the West, being blown South from a wind from the North.

It was low enough for the street lights to reflect off it.

I can't recall where I heard about-shaped UFOs that sounded like a locomotive?

You're preaching to the choir.

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