Squarish Objects Observed By Tower Crew

Squarish Objects Observed By Tower Crew

Date: April 24, 1952

Location: Milton, MA

Air Force Cambridge Research Center, Radar Systems Lsb, Electronics Research Div, electronics engineers, Alfred P. Furnish and Herbert J. Brun, and MIT electrical engineering senior Joseph Page, were in an observation tower on top of Great Blue Hill saw to the northwest 2 very thin flat, dull reddish orange squarish objects with no corners or ovals pulled in at the waist about 10' to 15' wide, with a lip around outer edges, fly wobbly in consistently undulating swooping motion in horizontal flight at about 2,000' altitude.

Objects then climbed about 15º elevation at an estimated 240 mph, then flew away and disappeared due to distance. No trail or exhaust, no sound, visibility 70+ miles.

The objects were viewed through a standard U.S. Army Battery Commander's telescope, H.C.M65, which was mounted on a unit equipped with hand wheels and other controls. The objects were observed for approximately 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

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