Viewed 7 Lights

Viewed 7 Lights

Date: June 1, 1971

Location: Midway Atoll - Pacific Ocean

They serpentined in a slow path, that appeared about 100' overhead.

No noise, and when they were directly overhead, they turned 90º straight up and were out of sight in about 5 seconds.

This event was observed while in the Navy, stationed on Midway Island. I was with a group of men getting ready to go on watch, when a group of seven lights, were observed coming from the airfield control tower, towards our group.

The lights were moving very slowly.

We were able to call the tower and ask if they observed the same. The answer was yes. We asked if any weather ballons had been released. The answer was no.

We then watched the lights come closer, in a serpentine formation, one following the other.

The lights were a red and orange blend, similar in color and shape to a fat oval shaped chinese lantern. There was no noise.

Our group of about 8 men were waiting to go on watch. The lights appeared to be close to the ground, maybe about 100' up, approximately, hard to tell for sure.

When the lights were directly overhead, the turned 90º, and headed straight up and out of sight in about 5 seconds. Again, no noise. When we arrived on our watch and asked if our radar or electronic recorders had monitored any activity, the answer was no.

I have not known what to do with this information since that sighting. I have told others and have heard similar reports of this kind of observation.

I have not seen anything since. Please advise if any other information exists relative to my experience.

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