4 Disk Shaped Craft Over Gerogen Bay

4 Disk Shaped Craft Over Gerogen Bay

Date: July 1,1960

Location: Midland, Ontario, Canada

I was 6 years old, it was the first time my mother let me go anywhere without her there.

But was OK because my brother and sister were there to watch me.

We were on the beach, on the point between Penetanguishene & Midland, right on the water.

We had a fire on that beach that was quit large.

The boys all had to go to the washroom so we walked away from the fire.

Along the beach to where it was dark and the girls could not see.

We were all doing our thing and one of the older boys said whats that and pointed to the sky.

There was a light coming across the sky from Penetanguishene across over to Port McNicoll.

My brother said I guess that's Sputnik, for that's the only thing up there.

Well all the boys finished what they were doing and went back to the girls, for that's were they wanted to be.

I was 6 years. old and afraid of the dark, but I did not care, this light so caught me in a way I was fixated.

I wondered if there was another one so I looked along the line were I thought it came from.

I saw nothing, I started to scan the skies.

I saw the same light come down from outer space then turn to a lateral line, follow the first one.

I could still see the first one, at this point I did not realize the importance of this.

Kids are curious and I looked for another light., there was another one, and another one, 4 in total.

They were equally spaced apart, almost like they were attached but they were to far apart for that.

They got to a point were they floated over Snake Island and at that point they were at the closest point to me.

I could see clearly, my vision was perfect, the night was without clouds, and they were kinda close.

They looked disk shaped.

Now this is when the last one slowed from the rest, almost to a stop.

I felt I want to say pressure, but could not smell or see anything. There was somthing hitting me.

This lasted for about 5 seconds then stopped, I felt when it stopped.

Then the craft caught up to the rest and went over the horizon and out of sight.

After I could not see them anymore I realized I was all alone in the dark and ran back to the fire and my family.

My brother pulled his attention away from the girls enough to ask me how many light I saw, because he new were I was and what I was doing.

I told him I saw 4 lights.

I later in life figured out that they must have painted me with somthing so they could find me again, and they did.

This was the first event that I had.

Did not know enough to make importance of this.

Being a little boy new to life I thought that this was normal and not much was said or asked of it ever again.

But I remembered every detail for the rest of my life, I was not afraid at all.

In retrospect, I think that these beings look for anything different and investigate that.

I just want to say that while I was watching this it all gave me the impression that they felt that they were now home and could finally relax.

My brother is now deceased along with his friends.

I swear by all that holy every word is the truth.

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