Trash Night

Trash Night

Date: August 15, 1956

Location: Middle River, MD

As a young boy one of my chores was to set the trash out for collection on Sunday & Wednesday evenings for pickup the next morning.

On a fall Sunday evening I was walking back to the house after completing this job with my dog.

About halfway to the house the dog starting barking for no apparent reason.

When I looked up and to the West, I saw 3 round blue/white disks in V formation moving from southeast to northwest.

This would have been very near the Glen L. Martin Company or Martin Maretta, as it is known now.

There was no sound and the disks did not change course but moved steadily until they were out of sight.

I cannot be certain of the exact year but I would think this occurred between 1954 and 1958.

That this event has remained with me all these years seems remarkable.

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