2 Men In Gray

2 Men In Gray

Date: January - 1997

Location: Essex, England

Normally, the men who appear after UFO sightings are dressed all in black, but in one tale from Essex, England, they opted gray.

William Shearer claimed to have seen a UFO, and a few days later two men showed up at his house. One of the men stayed by the car and maintained an intimidating presence while the other grilled Shearer about his experience. On the first visit, however, the man seemed more concerned with gaining permission to enter Shearer’s home than the answers Shearer was giving him.

The men spoke in a strange voice that seemed flat and expressionless and had extremely pale skin. This, along with the oddly intimidating behavior, was enough to scare Shearer and he chose not to let them into his house. Unfortunately for him, his experience was not yet at an end.

The men ominously proclaimed that they would visit him again and, not long after, they turned up at his work. They made it clear that they wanted to talk about UFOs and once again asked permission to enter. When Shearer turned them down again, the men vanished and never returned, still Shearer believes that since then his phone has been tapped.

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