Point Pleasant Aftermath

Point Pleasant Aftermath

Date: January - 1967

Location: Point Pleasant, WV

Mary Hyre was a reporter for the Athens, Ohio Messenger in Point Pleasant, West Virginia during the whole Mothman/UFO flap that took place in the region in 1966 & 1967.

She had a number of experiences involving the Men in Black during this time, but none as strange as the day that she was visited by the man who I have come to think of as the Ballpoint Pinhead.

He wasn't actually dressed in black when he walked into her office.

He was only about 4' 6" tall and wore only a short sleeved blue shirt and blue slacks despite the fact that it was a bitterly cold day.

His strange, dark eyes were covered by glasses with thick lenses, and he was sporting a shaggy bowl haircut.

He also wore thick soled shoes, which is another common MIB fashion statement.

He claimed that his truck had broken down in Detroit and that he had hitchhiked there and needed directions, all the while inching closer to her and staring at her in a way that made Mary nervous.

She decided to go to the back room to get her circulation manager to join them.

As they spoke to him about where it was that he wanted to go, it became obvious to them that he knew more about the geography of West Virginia than they did.

When Mary paused the conversation to answer the phone, the little man picked up a ballpoint pen and examined it with wonder, as if he had never seen such a thing before.

When she told him that he could have it if he wanted, he responded with a loud, unnerving laugh and then abruptly turned and walked out the door.

As far as she could later determine, he was not seen by anyone in the area following this incident.

One might easily dismiss this as a simple case of an odd character spooking a woman who had been up to her ears in weird events for months.

If not for the fact that collecting mundane souvenirs is a frequently recurring theme in encounters with UFO related beings, as well as in the folklore of European fairies, who have sometimes been reported to take everyday objects for which they would seem to have no possible use.

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