Bar In Middle Of Desert

Bar In Middle Of Desert

Location: Nevada Desert

A couple from the bar Skip Panelioto works at as a bartender in the middle of nowhere in the desert state of Nevada, related the following:

One day, a well dressed couple in black glasses appeared in the bar. At first, the bartender didn't think anything of it, just a little surprised, there aren't many people here in the area, most of them he knows personally, they went to school together, and you can only get here by car, but this couple didn't come, they came.

And they asked for something cold to drink.

Skip offered them a beer.

They smiled pleasantly, Beer? Let's try a beer.

They sat at their own table, silently looking at the bar with interest. What's there to see? Nothing interesting.

Then they took off their glasses.

After a while, Skip came up to them and asked if they could get another beer.

Then he saw their eyes for the first time. All black. No pupils, no irises, no sclera, just blackness.

Puzzled, Skip asked sympathetically:

Did you go to the eye doctor?

The woman looked at the man in confusion, as if asking him what to say.

And Skip goes back to saying:

What's wrong with your eyes?

They both looked at the bartender with an evil look that was a mixture of hatred and fear. They got up and went out.

They looked to be in their 30s, dressed in black business suits.

With the exception of the eyes, perfectly normal people. It was only the hatred in their eyes that scared Skip.

And the more he thought about it later, the more terrified he became.

How did they get to this place in the desert if they didn't have a car? What did you leave with?

Where did they go? Why did you pay with brand new bills, as if they were just printed? Why didn't I get a tip?

Why did the usual display of concern elicit such a strong reaction from them?

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