Shape Shifting Men In Black Visited Turkey

Shape Shifting Men In Black Visited Turkey

Date: May - 1979

Location: Yalihoyuk Town, Konya, Turkey

The person who had the experience was an elementary school teacher, a young man.

On the first night of the encounter Burhan Yilmaz stayed outside watching the sky until 2:00 a.m.

He noticed in the sky, a very bright flying object that came closer to the ground.

The object was in the shape of a half dome and slowly landed on the field without any sound.

It was the size of a minivan.

A kind of energy field was surrounding the UFO.

The UFO stayed there for a while.

Burhan Yilmaz observed it until it lifted off and flew away in the dark sky.

But he could not remember how long he stayed there watching the UFO.

After the object left, he immediately did some research on the landing spot but didn't find any trace or any burning grass.

Everything seemed normal.

The following night Burhan was reading at his home where he lived alone.

At 9:30 p.m., he heard knocking on the door.

It was 3 young men in their 30s whom he had never seen or met before.

They were wearing black suits and black ties.

As Burhan lived and worked in a very small town, the fact that his visitors were complete strangers to him was not normal.

Because in these small towns everybody knows everybody.

But even though Burhan Yilmaz never saw them before, he invited them inside as is the Turkish tradition and they sat in the living room.

The visitors explained that they came from another town 5 miles away.

At this point Burhan Yilmaz went to the kitchen of his very small home to prepare tea for his guests.

And he came back to the living room only after 2 minutes.

Now he was very surprised because his visitors were gone.

Burhan searched his tiny home and they weren't anywhere.

It was impossible for them to go outside from the main and the only door, because to do that they had to walk by the kitchen where Burhan Yilmaz was, and he would have seen them.

They could not have left through the windows either because there were iron bars on all of them.

On the street there was only a little girl playing by herself.

He asked her if she saw the 3 men.

She said Yes.

And pointed to the corner of the street.

But there were only 3 black dogs growling in the corner.

Then, a neighbor woman came running, screaming in panic.

She said that she had just seen 3 men flying to the sky.

This case is interesting as it starts with a UFO sighting the night before the visit of the 3 men.

Also, Burhan Yilmaz cannot estimate time surrounding the sighting and how long he stayed there watching the UFO.

There might be a missing time factor there.

Does missing time mean an abduction?

We don't know.

He didn't know either.

But the 3 men in black were seen by 3 witnesses.

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