Jane & Richard

Jane & Richard

Date: 1967

Location: Huntington, NY

The year was 1967 and it was a chilly May evening.

Jane & Richard were driving around Huntington, New York.

They were a young, teenage couple just killing time on a Saturday night.

No TikTok or Netflix in the 1960s.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Richard became severely ill.

Thankfully, he managed to pull the car off to the side of the road.

Jane was freaking out and worried and not sure what to do to help Richard.

Almost as soon as Richard pulled off the road, a blinding white light engulfed Jane, Richard, and their car.

Jane had the inclination that the light was coming from deep inside the woods that were surrounding the car and the rural road, but it was so bright that it was hard to accurately tell.

Jane felt completely frozen, unable to move a single muscle.

Then, within a flash, they found themselves driving along a different country road, a significant distance away from where they had been stopped by Richard's illness and the penetrating light.

Jane & Richard were unable to discern exactly how much time they are missing from their recollection of the evening.

A few days after the horrifying event, Jane received a disturbing phone call.

When she picked up her phone, she heard a mysterious woman on the other end of the line.

She never identified herself to Jane, but in a very robot, monotone fashion she instructed Jane to visit her local library, ask the staff for a specific book on Native American history, and to turn to page 42.

She was told to read this specific page very, very carefully.

That was the end of the phone call.

Naturally, given everything she's been through, Jane was confused and more than a little nervous about the whole thing, but she couldn't stifle her curiosity.

She felt oddly drawn to the woman's request.

So, she headed to her local library the next morning.

Jane wasn't someone who frequented the library all the time, but upon arrival, she said it felt different, and not just for the reasons she was there.

There was a stillness, emptiness, almost a painful lack of sound.

Like being in a vacuum.

There were also no other people in there, just Jane and the librarian, who was dressed oddly, to Jane.

She had long, dark black hair, she had a black outfit on like an old fashioned black suit with flat black shoes.

Her demeanor seemed cold and distant.

But, without saying a word, as soon as Jane walked in the librarian stood up and handed Jane the exact Native American book she was intended to look for.

She could feel her heart beating out of her chest, but she had come this far, and couldn't turn back now despite being ridiculously spooked.

She sat down, took a deep breath, and immediately flipped to page 42.

As she did, the writing changed from large to small text, and then back to large.

Then, almost magically, the text itself morphed into a completely different message intended specifically for Jane.

She later said that she assumes that what she read and what she saw was actually put in her head by the woman in black, it wasn't truly what was in the book.

This is word for word what she claims was on page 42:

Good morning friend.

You have been selected for many reasons.

One is that you are advanced in auto suggestion.

Through this science, we will make contact.

I have messages concerning Earth and its people.

The time is set.

Fear not.

I am a Friend.

For reasons best known to ourselves, you must make your contacts known to one reliable person.

To break this code is to break contact.

Proof shall be given.

Notes must be kept of the suggestion state.

Be in peace.

She wrote the message down so that she wouldn't forget, blinked twice, and shut the book, completely in shock.

She looked up and the woman in black was nowhere to be seen.

Without the presence of the woman in black, a particular calmness or spell seemed to dissipate and Jane fled the library in absolute terror.

Auto suggestion is a psychological technique where people can conduct self hypnosis on themselves.

Likely to fall into self produced trances, maybe why the woman in black and aliens sought them out, perhaps?

Shortly after this experience in the library, Jane fell ill similar to the pains, aches, and sickness that Richard had experienced the night of the bright lights.

She was vomiting and developed a fever.

Once the sickness started going away, and Jane started feeling better and going out and about, something odd began happening.

She started noticing the same woman in black that was at the library in various locations.

One day at a gas station Jane looked as her car was being filled and she saw the woman in black.

Fearful, but trying to be polite, she gave the woman a small nod in acknowledgment.

The woman didn't respond at all, she just stared at her with what Jane described as a menacing, murderous smile.

The next day, the woman in black appeared in a convenience store that Jane was visiting.

This time, she tried to engage Jane in conversation but it was a very stilted, broken form of English.

One other very odd aspect of seeing the woman in black now was that she moved very irregularly.

Her motions were very jerky, her steps were off balance and she wasn't making any sense.

She almost said it felt like she was a zombie, anything but human.

Jane asked the woman if she lived locally and the woman in black only responded with a loud, wailing, hysterical like laugh.

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