Encounter With Woman In Black

Encounter With Woman In Black

Date: 1955

Location: London, England

In 1955, Air Marshal Sir Beresford Peter Torrington Horsley was involved in a very top secret investigation of a man who claimed to contact a very human looking alien in 1954.

This alien was known as Mr. Janus.

All of this began for Horsley when he learned of the Duke of Edinburgh's fascination with UFOs and aliens.

So, he began to study aliens in his spare time.

Soon, Horsley was introduced to General Martin who led the way for him to eventually make contact with this, Mr. Janus.

General Martin told Horsley a disturbing fact, that a race of human looking aliens had already infiltrated Earth and are secretly living amongst us.

One factor that Martin expressed to Horsley was that the aliens were very concerned about our atomic arsenals.

But, these could be things discussed with Mr. Janus.

However, before this could be done, Horsley would have to meet Mrs. Markham.

So, essentially this high ranking British official is diving into these highly sensitive topics which has turned into alien hunting but for him to continue, he needs to first speak with this mysterious woman named Mrs. Markham.

General Martin told Horsley to expect a visit from Mrs. Markham soon.

A few nights later, around 8:00 p.m. there was a loud knock on Horsley's door.

She had arrived.

He opened the door to find a woman dressed entirely in black, a thick black coat, black heels, black hair, but her skin was very, very pale.

This lady in black was almost vampire like.

He felt ill at this moment but knew he had to invite her in to continue his research.

She introduced herself as Mrs. Markam in a very emotionless, monotone way.

He got a distinct impression almost immediately that there was a very good chance this woman was not human.

She invited him to take a seat and told him that she could arrange for him to meet with Mr. Janus.

He tried to keep his calm but couldn't help but notice that she didn't smile, she didn't blink.

She warned him that Earth was in grave danger due to all of the atomic weapons that were being produced.

She told him to consider aiding in lessening the tension between superpowers on Earth and to work with a group of extraterrestrials that wished to see all of the atomic weapons disarmed.

Horsley gathered all of his courage and refuted her point, saying that by disarming each side would leave Earth vulnerable to potential attacks that could be greater than anything the Soviets had.

Upon this revelation, Mrs. Markham did not say anything, but she exposed the one and only a little, wry smile that he witnessed the entire meeting.

The conversation ended with Horsley agreeing to meet with Mr. Janus.

Abruptly, Mrs. Markham got up and left into the darkness of the night.

Later that evening Horsley woke in a cold sweat to the sound of a woman's loud wailing that lasted about 15 seconds.

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