Li Jing-yang

Li Jing-yang

Date: May 15, 1946

Location: Yangguan, Shansi province, China

Li Jing-yang who, as a 6 year old boy in Yangguan, Shansi province in May, 1963, had an encounter with a UFO.

The day after Li had seen a shining, silvery disk hanging in the sky while at play with his friends.

He was stopped in the street by a very tall man dressed entirely in black.

The man, while pointing to the exact spot where Li had seen the disk, inquired as to whether the boy had seen anything unusual in the sky recently.

Li responded that indeed he had, which elicited from the strange man a warning never to tell anyone else what he had seen.

The MIB then went around a corner and seemingly disappeared.

Li claims that this encounter was witnessed by several others who all noted and discussed the strangerís odd, mechanical movements, his automated sounding voice, and the fact that his lips did not move when he spoke.

Thus, in its effort to keep the disk sighting of Li Jing-yang a secret, this MIB succeeded only in making a spectacle of itself.

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