Man In Gray

Man In Gray

Date: May 15, 1946

Location: Chevy Chase, MD

Not sure of the date. I was about 4 years old and in my bed in my own room. It was if I remember right late spring.

I was asleep in my bed. As I opened my eyes I saw a man standing in the corner of my room.

On each wall there was a window but he was either in the window on the left wall or in the corner between the two windows.

At first I was peaceful, just looking at him.

Then I realized that I did not know him. I yelled for my mother:

There is a man in my room.

She came into my room, and stopped to light her ever present cigarette, I remember the red glow on the point of the cigarette.

She said:


I said:

There in the corner.

She went and stood in the corner and asked me:

Where is he now?

I said:

He is gone.

She stepped out of the corner, and I said:

There he is.

She asked me if he had come in through the window.

I said no.

She asked me if two bodies could stand in the same place at once?

I said no.

She asked me, where he was now?

I said he is in the corner.

She stepped into the corner, and again I could not see him. Then feeling sure that there was no one there.

She said:

There is no one here. I am going back to bed.

And she left the room. I was frightened but have no further memory.

The man was wearing some kind of a uniform, it looked military, grayish. Had on sunglasses, or largeish eyes. He was as tall as my mother or a bit taller, around 5' 6". I never saw him again.

When my mother was there, I was completely awake and yet I could still see him.

She could not.

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