Men In Black In Government?

Men In Black In Government?

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Yes, there are at least 2 cases on record where the MIB have been captured on film.

The first story comes from 2 long time UFO researchers/authors, Tim Green Beckley and Jim Moseley.

Back in the 1960s there was a UFO investigator in Jersey City, NJ named Jack Robinson. Jack was married to Mary, and in 1968 they began to experience weird activity, when they would return home at night, after maybe going out for dinner, it looked like someone had been in their apartment and had been rummaging through Jackís UFO files. Then, during the day when she was at home, Mary started seeing a Man in Black staring up at the apartment from a ground floor doorway in the building directly opposite them. Mary said he had an unsettling look on his face, kind of unemotional and zombie like. Mary happened to mention this to Tim and Jim, and because the guy appeared 3 days in a row, they decided to drive over early one morning and see if they could see the man for themselves.

Sure enough, he was there, staring ahead, with the black sunglasses, long black coat, and enigmatic stare. Tim, in the busy morning traffic, managed to get a photo of the MIB, and which he believes is one of the few authentic photos of a genuine Man in Black.

You discuss a weird MIB experience reported by a notable author in London, England, in the early 1980s. What is that story about?

This is the story of Colin Bennett, who has written a number of acclaimed biographies on such people as Charles Fort and George Adamski. Back in the early 1980s, Colin had a very unusual experience in London. He was walking home late one night, and saw a UFO in the sky. Even stranger, it began to shape shift, from a bright light in the sky, to an old Second World War bomber, and finally to a large, black, triangular shaped craft.

He raced home to tell his girlfriend, and as he entered the apartment, there was this MIB sitting on the couch. The man had claimed to Colinís girlfriend that he was due to meet someone who lived on the floor above, and as the person was out, asked if he could wait. Mary, Colinís girlfriend, said yes. Although, itís clear that as the evening progressed, the MIB was far more interested in learning about Colinís UFO experience than he was waiting on a friend.

This is made more likely by the fact that as soon as Colin finished relating the account, the MIB stood up, seemingly satisfied, and walked out into the London night, as mysteriously as he first arrived.

Marie is a respected author and a very credible one, too. In the mid-1990s she was deeply involved in alien abduction research, which seems to have led her to be targeted by the Men in Black.

She allowed me to interview her for the book, and told me some very disturbing things, such as how the MIB would make intimidating phone calls to her home, even telling her what she was wearing, and what book was on the bedside table. It disturbed her to such an extent that she walked away from the abduction phenomenon, which may very well have been the goal of the MIB.

This is a very intriguing theory. Granted, itís speculative to a degree. But Josh asks the question:

Wy are the MIB always seen in old style clothes? Why, even in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s do they always wear the 1940s/1950s type Fedora hats and skinny black ties? Why do they drive old style black cars? In other words, everything about the MIB seems to be out of time. Josh speculates that perhaps the MIB are, in simple terms, time cops, whose role it is to guard the timelines, to prevent time paradoxes from occurring, and to ensure that the past, present and future donít fall into disarray. Itís a fascinating scenario to think about.

It was without doubt the fact that MIB encounters are occurring on a scale that easily parallels, if not even exceeds the number of reports from the 1950s and 1960s. Even I was amazed at how active the MIB still are.

My personal conclusion is that there are at least 2 things going on. There are the government originated MIB, and there are the weirder MIB. As for the former, I prove in the book that some can be traced back to official agencies of at least several governments. As for those stranger MIB, my personal view is that they are paranormal. Of course, much of this depends on how we define the paranormal. My personal view is that the MIB may be the inhabitants of multi dimensions or extra dimensions that coexist with ours, and whose role it is to keep us away from the truth about not just UFOs, but a whole range of strange phenomena too. But as for why, that is the big question still eluding us.

I hope it will help people to realise that the MIB mystery is very much an ongoing one, that the MIB are not just the stuff of Hollywood fiction, fantasy or hoaxing, and that they are a very real, menacing and disturbing phenomenon not to be treated lightly. In fact, I have already received dozens of new reports since publication of the book.

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