Casually Dressed Men In Black

Casually Dressed Men In Black

Location: West Virginia

Susan Sheppard was a young girl when she and other schoolchildren in her West Virginia town saw a UFO hovering over her house. Though her parents didn't believe the phone calls they received from locals, she knew what she saw.

Not too long after her sighting, she became one of the few children to have a chat with real-life Men in Black. As she was playing with other kids in the area, she felt the presence of two men who quickly made herself known.

Unlike most MIB, the two men who approached Susan and her friends weren't in suits, they were in black tees and black pants. However, this hasn't stopped them from being quite terrifying to the young girl.

She described them as follows:

The men exhibited an uncanny energy which I immediately sensed. They also looked differently from each other. One man appeared to be of European descent while the other one had an East Asian appearance. The one with the Asian appearance had what looked to be dyed blond hair that was cut very short.

Neither was wearing a hat, nor did they wear a suit and tie. They simply had on a black shirt and black pants.

Shortly after her encounter, she and her friend began to experience severe migraines that she later linked to the men. For years after the sighting, she experienced poltergeist activity, strange sleepwalking episodes, and a constant feeling of being watched.

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