Circular Craft & Man In Black

Circular Craft & Man In Black

Date: June 1, 1951

Location: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Me and another 5 year old boy, can’t recall his name, were playing catch with a ball in front of Flemming Elementary school located in southwest Brandon, Manitoba.

The aircraft was first observed by the other boy when he missed catching the ball that I had thrown to him.

I asked him why he had missed the easy catch and he told me to look over my left shoulder into the sky.

The object was first seen as round and black, about the size of a quarter, against a white cloud.

The craft was slowly descending until it reached about 30' above us,, and about 30'to the West.

The craft was tilted on a 45° to the ground.

It leveled off and stayed motionless for a few minutes.

It then began to move at about 5 mph directly over our heads until it stopped across the street a few inches above some power lines.

It wobbled slightly as it hovered in this position for about 15 minutes.

During this time I threw a rock at the craft but was unable to reach it.

I shouted to the other boy to notify some adults residing in the nearby houses but he did not want to leave the area.

I crossed the street to a park about 50' away from the craft and sat on the grass without taking my eyes off the craft.

After about 15 minutes the craft started to move away from the power lines at a speed of about 5 mph and ascended over my head, disappearing into the clouds.

The following morning, just before sunrise, I was visisted in my bedroom by a man in black standing at the foot of my bed.

I heard a sound, which woke me up, like many bees buzzing.

Very small dust like particles were swarming at the foot of my bed.

The particles converged forming the image of the man in black.

He was translucent, ghost like, and wore a black suit.

He had white hair in a pompadore style.

He did not make a noise but moved his right arm in a slow upward motion of greeting.

A whiteish/blue light was emitted from his direction.

I was so scared that I hid under the covers of my bed in terror.

I must of finally fell asleep and when I awoke everything was back to normal.

I have never seen anything like this again.

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