UFO Investigator Meets A MIB

UFO Investigator Meets A MIB

Date: April 25, 1978

Location: Stratford, Ontario, Canada

UFO Researcher, Pat De La Franier was at his office going over some detailed UFO reports he wanted to present on a local UFO program when there was a sudden knock at the door. Now, where his office is located, he could hear everyone coming in the main door, being admitted, and then walking down the hall. But this knock came from nowhere, and when he opened the door, there was a very odd looking man standing there.

He was dressed entirely in black. He was about 5' 6" tall, extremely thin, with a slightly enlarged head. His hair was just nubs, as if he had been completely shaved and the hair was just growing back. His skin had a strange olive hue. His lips were very thin, and his cheeks were so sunken in that they looked like they were pinned on the inside. His eyes were dark and extremely long, they literally wrapped around his temples.

La Franier stated that he had never seen eyes like that, They just bored into me. The stranger just stood there staring at Pat, who did not move. Pat was fixated on his eyes and he felt intruded upon on a mental level.

Finally, after a full minute, he spoke:

Would you like a photograph of your family?

It was a strange question, and his voice was very strange, too. It was low and hesitant as if this man had absolutely no conception of how to speak, how to put a sentence together. His English was impeccable, but the was struggling to get through the sentence. La Franier said no that he did not need any more pictures. And with that the stranger stepped back, turned and just disappeared. The man was completely gone, later La Franier discovered that many of his files and papers were missing.

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