Men in Black Seize UFO Photographs

Flying Disk Dives & Circles

Location: At Sea

Top military brass conspired in an ugly Men in Black style UFO cover up, by ordering Navy pilots and sailors to turn over videos of their scary close encounters with alien spacecraft shadowing American warships.

As in the hit movie, mysterious operatives suddenly coptered onto the carrier the USS Nimitz and the cruiser USS Princeton with authority to seize the tapes after the harrowing November 14, 2004, encounter between Navy craft and UFOs.

This is very scary stuff, declares a government UFO expert, who asked not to be identified. For decades, the military has kept the truth about alien spacecraft under wraps.

Nimitz Petty Officer P.J. Hughes recalls the chilling way the video evidence was collected by strange men off the California coast.

They were not on the ship earlier, says Hughes. We put the videos in the bags, then the two anonymous officers left.

Petty Officer Gary Voor his, who had first detected the UFOs on the Princetonís radar, was also ordered to turn over any recordings of the bizarre flying craft by two men who flew in on a helicopter.

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