Connie Carpenter MIB Encounter

Connie Carpenter MIB Encounter

Date: February 22, 1967

Location: Middleport, OH

Ohio was the host of a classic MIB case, which merged with the story of the Mothman.

This story of Ohio's MIB encounter begins first with an encounter with the giant birdlike creature called Mothman.

On Sunday, at about 10:30 a.m., 18 year old Connie Carpenter was driving home from church, when she came face to face with the Mothman, almost causing her to have an automobile accident.

She described it as grey creature, standing on the golf course near Mason, WV.

The thing then flew straight at her car.

She was one of few who actually saw the creature's face, but perhaps due to her trauma, her description, it was horrible.

In 2001, when involved with the documentary The Search for the Mothman, Connie Carpenter was one of the few witnesses to refuse an interview, instead having her husband talk on camera.

Connie's post traumatic remembrances appear to issue not just from her encounter with Mothman, but also more importantly from her brush with the Men in Black.

Connie was to have many difficulties after her Mothman sighting.

Early in February 1967 she married Keith Gordon, and they moved across the river to a 2 family house in Middleport, OH.

They did not get a telephone immediately because they has had so much trouble over on the West Virginia side.

Strange people seemed to be around too.

And then there is what today is characterized as her near kidnapping by a MIB.

At 8:15 a.m., February 22, 1967, Connie left her house to go to school.

As she started to walk down the street a large black car pulled up alongside her, she later identified it as a 1949 Buick.

The occupant of the car opened the door and gestured to her to come over.

Thinking that he was seeking directions, Connie approached him.

He was a young, clean cut man of about 25, wearing a colorful Mod shirt, no jacket, it was bitter cold, had neatly combed hair and appeared to be sun tanned.

This tan was a very interesting detail, which has turned up in other MIB accounts.

Connie said the car appeared to be brand new inside and out even though it was a vintage model.

As she grew close, the man grabbed her, but she struggled, and ran away.

Her husband reported during the filming of the recent documentary that Connie never was the same after that, never really went outside again, and certainly does not like to talk about those days.

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